Royal Icing: Part II

I think I’ve finally got the royal icing game down pat. I’ll be honest. The people that refer to themselves as cookiers are real artists. That shit is not easy. I’m not patient one bit, so this is extremely trying for me. But, it’s probably good practice for me. Oh, and other thing. Thank God for my mixer. Without that beautiful piece of machinery, none of these adventures in baking would be possible.

Now this new recipe makes one big think batch of icing. You will then need to divide and add water and coloring as needed. This is where the guesswork starts, and I’m sure there is a science to it. But that’s not something I know anything about. I’m just trying as I go along. This one came from a Pinterest post that led to a blog called There are several great tips on that blog for cookie making.


Royal Icing

2 pounds powdered sugar

1/2 cup meringue powder

1 cup water (minus 1 tablespoon)

Add in the meringue powder and water into the mixing bowl of your stand mixer and beat together for a few minutes until frothy. Add in the powdered sugar and mix together slowly until all the liquid and powdered sugar is combined. If you have a stand mixer set it at a medium high speed and beat it together for 4 minutes with the paddle attachment, don’t forget to set a timer! Your icing should have semi-stiff peaks (see photos in post) when the icing is ready, not floppy peaks! If the icing is not quite stiff enough then watch closely and beat for one more minute and check it again.

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