The Things You Find in Walls

It’s on to round 2 of bathroom demolition, and we were off to a good start on Monday. With almost all of the old shower surround, lauan paneling (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, look here.), and sheetrock removed, we will be moving towards filling in the gaps with new lighting and (if I can contain my excitement) shiplap in no time.

I think I’ve mentioned before that patience is not a virtue for me, so waiting to get to the pretty part of renovation work in my house is difficult. However, we came across some interesting finds.

First, my bathrooms have the original wall-mount porcelain sinks. They are very unique and in perfect condition. They are definitely something I will not be replacing in my lifetime. Now, these sinks are not light by any means. I can’t lift them, and I’m sure Dad shouldn’t have carried it out of the house my himself. BUT, what we did learn is that this particular sink in this guest bath was just kind of hanging onto the lauan paneling and not firmly anchored into a stud. It’s a miracle that thing was still attached or even still exists!

Next, after removing a large amount of sheetrock that was under the paneling, Mom and I came across a little creature who had been spending his or her eternal life within my bathroom walls. Poor Jackie O; she’s always wanted to catch a squirrel.

Lastly, we came across a shipping sticker on the back of a piece of lauan paneling that wasn’t dated but still interesting. The paneling was shipped to Natchez from a hardware store in New Orleans called Tulane Hardwood Lumber Company to R. Scudamore, Jr. AND it was written in pencil. It was like when we demo-ed the “master bath” and found that the toilet was the original from 1953.

Don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted on how things are going as we get further along.

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