Pasta, Anyone?

I love carbs. They are wonderful things that do awful things. But delicious, YES!

While I lived in the Delta, I came across a love for pasta salad that I had never really explored before. Most of the pasta salad recipes I had before college were of the rotini variety and doused in Italian dressing. In Cleveland, Mississippi, each lunch spot had its own recipe for pasta salad that made it hard for me to pick a destination for lunches outside of the campus cafeteria. Whether the lighter version from Crave, the walnut-studded tortellinis from A La Carte, or the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten from The Warehouse, I left satisfied and wishing for a to-go container for my mini fridge.


While still living in Cleveland, I decided to break down that pasta salad recipe from The Warehouse and create my own version to make at home for the roommates. Once we figured out how simple it was, I put my own twist on it and made it almost weekly. It made for a quick and easy lunch between class and my graduate assistantship on campus. Now, I whip out this recipe every now and then for a trip down memory lane for my tummy.

Tortellini Pasta Salad 

2 packages Buitoni tortellini pasta

1/2 bag baby spinach, chiffonaded

1/2 bottle Ken’s caesar dressing

Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper to taste

Bring pasta to a boil, brain, and cool. Chiffonade the spinach, add to large bowl with the pasta. Toss together with dressing, cheese, salt, and pepper. Refrigerate overnight and toss again with more dressing before serving.


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