Soup-er Bowl: Part 2


Ok. Confession time. I’m a big shopper. I love all kinds of shopping, too. Clothing. Home decor. Re-sale shops. Groceries. You name it, I’ll shop for it. Now that I travel to Baton Rouge each week, I am able to find an easy excuse to hit a store or two before I leave town. One of my favorites that I’ve discovered thanks to my co-workers is Red Stick Spice Company. This place is everything that a person that loves to cook or is thinking about starting to cook needs in his or her life.

It’s such an experience. You walk in and are instantly hit with the strong, but welcoming, smell of spices, teas, and ingredients waiting to be tried, tested, and taken home. You walk the aisles slowly taking in every kind of salt, pepper, sugar, spice, and blend you can possibly imagine. I had no idea that were so many different salts. Grey sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, Hawaiian red and black salts, and (one that I can’t wait to figure out what to use it for) merlot salt. Don’t even get me started on the tea options. There is a tea for everything from sore throats to stomach issues, and there is one in particular I think I should buy in bulk (just in case) a Hangover Tea. It helps with nausea and such after a little too much vino. Who would have known?

The first time I went, I was overwhelmed. I ended up with several small sample packages of rubs and blends for fish for Dad to try on white perch, a couple of bags of granulated honey, and teas for Mom and I to give a shot. I realized very quickly that I didn’t get everything I needed. So back I went the next day before heading home for Christmas to invest in a flavored olive oil (of which they have so many options), more tea, and their home version of a ranch dressing packet for my Mississippi Roast for Christmas Eve dinner.

I went back a couple of weeks ago for some more teas to give a try (I probably should do a post on those alone); and while I was there I found this packaged mix for a ten bean soup. YUM! The package suggests adding a pound of sausage, but I had leftover roast in the freezer for Christmas Eve, so we threw that in at the end for some extra flavor and heartiness.

This one is delicious, so click through the link above to order your own (or let me know if you want me to pick one up on my next visit).


Ten-bean Soup with Roast Beef

1 package Ten-bean Soup (Red Stick Spice)

1 – 2 pounds roast beef, cooked and shredded

1 can beef broth

3 cups water, divided

While the directions on the package explain using a Dutch oven of sorts, I went for the crock pot (let’s be honest; that makes it easier and tastier). I did soak the beans in cold water for about 30 minutes before adding the seasoning packet and roast beef; however, I think you could skip that step, put everything in at once, and add a full can of beef broth at the beginning. I did add about 3 cups of water throughout the cooking process. It cooked on high for about 6 hours and stayed warm in the crock pot for another 1 or 2 until we were ready to eat. It could have used a little more water to thin it out, but it was the consistence of a hearty stew that could have used a little rice to go along with it.

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