Podcasts. Podcasts. Podcasts.

First, a tree update. It didn’t make it. Two days after posting my last blog about how well it was doing and how I was going to help it grow, I walked into the living room to find it leaning drastically towards the floor. So, out it went with the trash.


Now, I’ve been traveling to and from Baton Rouge for a month now for my new job with Country Roads; and yes, I’ve been listening religiously to “Up and Vanished” just like I said I would. On Monday morning, I finished the tale of Tara Grinstead. Twenty-four episodes later I was convinced I knew exactly who killed her and who was taking the fall for it. These two that were arrested (Ryan Duke and Bo Dukes – no relation) have quite the story and so many missing pieces. You have to go listen if you haven’t. I don’t want to spoil the not-so-finalized ending you’re left with.


In the mean time, I’ve started up a new podcast. It’s by the same producers of “Up and Vanished”. It’s called “Atlanta Monster“, and it’s all I can do not to jump ahead and search Google far and wide for missing information. I’ll keep you posted on what I think. I’m only through Episode 2 as of today.


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