The Twelve+ Days of Christmas

Christmas Tree 2017 (Pictured in early January 2018)

I have a Christmas tree that won’t kick the bucket, and I’m not about to take it down before it starts dropping. I was opening the blinds last week and noticed these little down nodules on the tips of the branches (as seen in the picture above). Now, they didn’t worry me because I’ve seen these before. My tree from 2014 did the same exact thing. However, I let it go well into January of 2015 and finally was forced (by my mother) to take it down and move it outside. I had neighbors tell me they used to replant their trees as children, cut it down again, and bring it back inside the following Christmas. I was determined to let mine grow that year outside in the stand for as long as possible, but a frost got it finally in March.

Christmas Tree 2014 (Pictured in late January 2015)

You see, those little nodules sprout off the ends of the limbs and continue on as new growth. It’s quite the site on my white, flocked tree. They are soft to the touch and fragrant as all get out. I’m not going to be fooled into taking it down too early this year or letting it freeze. I’m going to see if the damned thing will grow all year long. I think I’ll plant it in my tomato pot out back and see what happens next. So, if you drive down Auburn Avenue, don’t be alarmed by the Christmas tree in the window when February rolls around. It’s just getting started.

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