Frigid Podcasts

I’m sure you’re aware, but it’s cold. On my morning commute to Baton Rouge this morning, I watched the temperature bump around 16, 17, and 18 degrees until I hit the interstate. Gladly, once I got to the office, it was a crisp 23 degrees. Woo Hoo.

However, I stayed entertained the entire ride with a new adventure for myself — podcasts. In fact, it was my first podcast experience to date. I did a little research over the holidays, found a couple of good ones to add to my library, and decided at 6:45 a.m. today to give “Up and Vanished” a try.


Y’all. I’m hooked. We are a family that enjoys crime dramas on T.V., and I love a good thriller or legal movie to hunker down with on Netflix or iTunes. We watch Law & Order: SVU and NCIS (of all variations). I loved Making a MurdererThe People vs. OJTrue Detective (which has FINALLY been confirmed for a 3rd season), Breaking Bad, and (most recently) Law & Order: True Crime (The Menendez Murders). I always say we are best when fighting crime from the sofa. And today was no different. I am in the middle of fighting crime with the help of Payne Lindsey in 30-minute spurts. I was actually able to get into the 4th episode of the tale of Tara Grinstead this morning. So, of course, I’m not finished with this cold case yet; but I did want to do a little Googling on the subject. I wanted to be able to put faces with names. Being an English major, you would think I don’t need to see a visual since my imagination alone should be able to paint the picture. However, I loved when I finally got to match faces (and the correct pronunciation) with the names of Harry Potter. So, I found Tara’s “missing” poster:


Then, I followed the website on the poster and found several videos to help connect some dots from the podcast. However, I’m only halfway through the entire season after listening to it going and coming home from Baton Rouge. I do have my suspensions on who killed this missing beauty queen, but I think this may be a job for Internal Affairs to solve. Seems fishy. Give it a listen when you need something to keep you occupied while riding in the car.

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