I’m a binger. I binge on Netflix. I binge on Hulu. I binge on iTunes. I binge on every app I can download and connect my DirecTV Now app to on my Apple TV. If it’s watchable, I’m probably going to binge it.


Some of my favorite shows that I’ve watched (or am watching) are:

  • Breaking Bad: I started this series WAY after it had started. I spent all of college with no idea that this show was such a good show to get addicted to. I had spent most of those years watching Intervention or doing the snail-mail version of Netflix to get DVDs of movies that weren’t that great. When I moved home and started really getting into Netflix, I found Walter White and fell in love with it. Now, the version on Netflix has a little less editing than the AMC version. I actually started watching it right after the series finale aired, so the real reason I got into it was because I had read a review about the ending (SPOILER) and the death of Heisenberg. So, I watched it within a month or two; and now, I watch it anytime I happen to catch a marathon on Sundance or AMC. Sometimes, I open it up on Netflix and randomly scroll to an episode, watch the darkness unfold, and root for the meth chef. heisenberg-poster-irina-march
  • The Office: This, too, was a show that I started at the end of the series. It was in deed my first binge experience when I first bought my Apple TV in 2010.I actually timed my binge to where I finished all the other season and shows at the actual night of the series finale. I love Jim, and I want one of my own. I think that Michael is probably a real human somewhere. It’s something that I now follow fan pages on Facebook that play bloopers reels that I find too funny and laugh at a little too hard. flat,800x800,075,f
  • The Great British Baking Show: I’ve watched every season. I have LOVED every season. I’d watch them all again gladly. There is actually a spin off called The Big Family Cooking Showdown on Netflix that may actually be better than the original. (To be honest, I kind of fell in love with one of the contestants.) Watch them both. The-Great-British-Bake-Off-Illustration
  • Big Love: Y’all. This show is crazy. I have to admit though; I am big into watching anything that has to do with Mormons, polygamy, Scientology, or cults. Now, I’m not one of those that gets sucked in, sends all of my money to some crazy person, and ends up brainwashed. I find it hysterical that people can actually be brainwashed. So, the more I know, the more likely I am to stay like I am — a non-practicing Catholic that is thankful for Mother Mary. Big Love is on the HBO app, and the ending made me extremely sad. original
  • Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee: Thank you, Netflix, for putting this show on my rotation. I started it over the latest ice storm to lighten the load of Law and Order: SVUBlue Bloods, and Chicago PD that my parents had playing nonstop. Quickly, I was into it. They are 15 minute episodes that are hilarious, lots of talking, and an opportunity for me to learn more about people that I love to binge on other shows like Sex and the CityMaster of None, and SNL. If you need something to watch in short spurts, add to your watchlist today. My favorite episode so far was with Sarah Jessica Parker in a station wagon.